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I wonder if the new fatal damage hit gives you an extra chance of triggerings a charm proc on a creature, aside from your regular "base" hit?

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Fatal damage is addition to normal hit, similar way the critical hit is, so only the value of damage will be increased and not separate hit will be triggered:


About the "ADDITIVE" damange, it means that it will take the base of the normal damange?

I mean, it will be 100% + 60% right?

So, what gonna happend when you triggered both of the effect (crits and Onslaught) it gonna be 100% + 50% + 60% or 150% as base (normal damange + crit) + 60%?

It would be 100% + 50% + 60%.

Onslaught will have a chance to be activated only at critical hits?

Onslaught triggers independent of critical hits, but both can trigger at the same time.

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2. https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39251147#post39251147

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Are you 100% certain of this? I think it pops up with a slight delay from the base damage as its own hit, aside from the base hit. And where did you see any CM confirm this in the forum post?
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He already put CM link for it, but I amended so you can see CM's reply in the answer too:)