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What is the name of this outfit and its achievement?

How can I get it?

Does it have addons or is only a base outfit?
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The first thing you have to do is to wait for the outift to be implemented in the game. Please, consider phrasing your question on the future tense.

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The Formal Dress Outfit1 is a reward for finishing quest with the final boss- Lord Retro.- 25 Years of Tibia Quest2

Upon completing the quest we will receive base only. In the order to get full Outfit we have to use items: 

Brass Button- For First Addon

Decorative Plume - For Second Addon

Both of the items are very rare loot from Lord Retro Boss (Retros Tresure) and will not disappear once used- can be used by many characters. 

Upon receiving Full outfit- you will receive achievement " Sharp Dressed"

Teaser of 25th Anniversary:

However, this experience will not only encompass the dungeon, as a new quest will send you across Tibia, and eventually set you against the boss Lord Retro. The rewards for your efforts are a new backpack, mount, and outfit, as well as Theons. 3

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