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I was wondering, what is Morhsabaal's lore? Where does he come from, was there some cult trying to revive him? Also, was he based on a rl Cipsoft character?

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I don't have an answer but Morshabaal appeared on Havera two days ago and it says "Revenge to my little brother!" from times to times. Perhaps it's Orshabaal's big brother.
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Do you know loot from the boss and how did it go ? (How hard was etc)
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I don't know much, everything I've seen from it is here (in very poor quality): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1257152107

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We don't know much about Morshabaal. When it was announced by CipSoft, they did not give any insight about its story. If you ask NPCs that talk about Orshabaal, such as Avar Tar and Beatrice in Edron, none of them mention Morshabaal. Neither does other Edron leaders such as Daniel Steelsoul or Spectulus. So far, I haven't found any book mentioning Morshabaal as well.

It appears that all we know is what has been commented in the question: Morshabaal is Orshabaal's older brother. This information comes from two sources:

  • Morshabaal yells "Revenge for my little brother!" and "I will restore our family honor!";
  • When the teleport to his lair appears, the following message is broadcast: "Beware mortals! Orshabaal's brother, the infamous Morshbaal [sic] is out for revenge and will spread fear for his family once again!"
For now, this seems to be all the information available.
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