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What do we get when we kill Lord Retro? Do we obtain any loot, achievements, any other rewards?

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According to Tibia Fandom, the final Boss is the Lord Retro, but it is the Retros Treasure that appears only after completing the last part of Tower Ferumbras that so far has the drop the following:



Reward Kill Lord Retro:

There are two rewards

Dress Formal Outfit (so far at the moment you don't know how to get the addons)

Quick access to the exit Teleport (it right at the entrance of the werelions from the beginning of the quest, which it takes close to the Boss) and Boss does not archievement, one of the parts of the mount is obtained in the Zao/Yalahar area in a chest and the other part through roulette in Thaís, Carlin or Edron.

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Hi! I am afraid the 7197 Theons  are only the first time you kill the boss!
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Helo, is true moment
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Hello, you might need to update your answer with the new confirmed loot [addon items etc]