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Since Morshabaal started to spawn on some of the words, I was checking the stats how did it go. I realised that on some of the words players were killed not on one only, but two days. I am wondering was it because it was close to the kill stats date change update, or perhaps the boss remained for 2 days.

How long exactly Morshabaal remain on the world once spawned and not defeated?


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Hi! I'm from Havera, remember that depending on the time zone  of your country, real life days can switch between one ss to other. From what I saw the day he respawned, it lasted since the announce popped up until the next server save. Server tried but wasn't successful, Morshabaal wasn't defeated.
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Thank you for clarifying ! I am watching now  Gentebra trying to do it, and it looks really challenging, almost impossible to do.