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I know similar question was already asked, but that one was related to unwritten ones. So what's the difference in price for written tapestries of honour?
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my friend told me that it's 2kk for each number, so for example tapestry V should costs 10kk...
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depending on the year, I sold a 5 year old for 8kk in secura. I hope it serves as a reference

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In antica they go for anything between 10 and 25kk.

The interest seem to come and go in waves, and I haven't been able to figure out any trigger/reason for the sudden interest that happens like 2-3 times/year
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WoW that sounds really great!!! hope that will be that way HEHE

btw can you maybe write down the other prices i know theyre not exact but just that i know CA.

thx Vuja