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In Zao, there are several teleports or shortcuts to different places. Most of them related to a quest (new frontier, WOTE, children, forgotten) but there is this teleport that has always been there and I wish to know where it leads to-


Probably is part of some quest that I haven't finished so were interesting to know:

-How to unlock it.
-Where it leads.
-What's the lore behind it.

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The teleport is part of the Wrath of the Emperor Quest, specifically mission 11: "Payback Timeé". It's an anteroom with a lever that leads to the final boss.
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i see, and it's accessible even after you end the quest?
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yes, i finished the quest and i can still enter the anteroom of the lever.
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tyty, i've never reached that far in WOTE and i thought was leading to somewhere else