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I was thinking of making a graph on Excel of how some item prices vary over time. I would like to know if there is a way to extract data from the market to excel. And if possible, I would also like to know if the method is legal.


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"Possible" is relative. Yes, it's possible to create a software that will take this information from the Client's memory or read the game Window and use OCR to identify the data, but that won't be easy as you'll have to deal with BattlEye and/or some complicated OCR. I doubt such sofware currently exists, so you'd have to program it yourself.

If you're not a programmer then no, it's not possible for you, there isn't a simple method of getting this data.

As for it being legal or not, you'd fall in a gray area. CipSoft has allowed some software in the past that did not really play for you despite reading client memory, but they don't support doing things like that. And if you bypass BattlEye in any way or modify the Client, then it's absolutely against the Tibia rules.
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An alternative to make a "bot" that is legal, is take screenshots from tibia with ur button, and create a software to handle the pngs from screenshots,  cipsoft don't care if you are analyzing data  outside the client.. Macro softwares should help you, to take screenshots, but it's controversial if macros are legal or not. But even today a ton of people use them.
But you will need a little effort to make this work.
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There is no controversy in whether macros are legal or not. They are illegal under rule 3b. If the external software is doing mouse clicks for you, even if it's just to take screenshots or select items on the market, that is technically illegal. And the reason this is important is that the player could be punished/deleted for doing that, even though we know that would be very unusual as simple macros are very hard to detect.
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When I say it's controversial, it's because, what makes something illegal nowadays, is just the battle eye, so if battle eye considers the tool is illegal you can receive a ban, otherwise CIP will not dig deeper to discover. If the battle eye thinks your calculator software is dangerous and it's using tibia data someway. he will consider you are cheating.. I asked them if I could do a bot that analyzes my SS whenever I make a print and that's the answer:

>>> Lastly: Could you please explain in more detail what you exactly want to do with the screenshots? Analysing them should usually not be a problem as long as you do not use any tools to influence the game itself. If you want to be sure, use any tools you want to use for this when Tibia is not running.
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