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Did anyone compare these two options? Which one runs better? I'm asking about damage per hour or any statistic that may help to compare these two options.
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You mean tier 2 not level 2 right? And did you mean with the falcon bow also being tier 2?
I mean rift bow tier 2 and falcon bow tier 0.

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Ok guys I tried to made some calculations and thats what i got;

I was using guild stats damage calculator:

For caluculations for Falcon bow;

Elethriel's Elemental Bow + Paladin Armor + Tersal Arrow = best hit 447 (+2skill, 40atk points)

For calculations for Rift Bow;

Bow + Onyx Arrow = best hit 422 (38atk points)

Lets say we will count 1 000 000 hits to compare dmg;

For Falcon Bow it will be simple => 1 000 000 * 447 = 447 000 000

For Rift Bow it will be little bit more complicated => 424 658 600

=((1000000-(1000000*1.05%))*422)+((1000000*1.05%)*(422*160%)) = 424 658 600

In terms of cost effective;

Rift Bow if we get lucy every time cost will be 6.7kk

Just curious calcs for Bow of Cataclysm (39 Atk + 2 skill) = 438 000 000

So... Upgrading rift bow is waste of time in terms of numbers ;)

I'll be glad if somebody take a look for my calculations
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I've done a similar math dozens of times and always concluded that the only weapon which is worth to upgrade tier is the BiS weapon. Every other weapon upgrade is too expensive and it's better to just buy the other weapon tier 0 which has a better rank. However, to do bestiary of weak creatures, I've upgraded my class 1 simple bow to tier 1 (only 25k). But I still think its not worth since I cant use mana imbuements and those Fatal triggers very rarely (and makes no difference because weak creatures dies in 1 hit anyways).
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