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What are the least spawned creatures (in numbers)? I mean the regular ones (not bosses nor special creatures). What are the smallest populations of creatures, considering the amount of their respawns?

Something like "There are only 20 bonelords in Tibia, considering all the respawns".
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The midnight panther and the dire penguin are not bosses and they are the only bestiary creatures that have only 1 spawn per time. Panther in 3 different locations and penguin in 9 locations. But they are "special creatures" (very rare). I believe that you are interested in more common creatures, but you need edit your question set better requirements. For example, the Lightbearer creatures have just 1 spawn location each (with a maximum of ~20 creatures per time). Those are classified as very rare as well. Maybe you want to restrict to only common creatures?
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You need to be more specific about "bosses" and "special creatures". What is a "special creature" for you? Is the Black Knight a special creature (it's not a boss)? What about Crustacea Giganticas, which can spawn in raids or in varying monster homes (also not technically bosses)? I suggest you be stick to, let's say, creatures in the bestiary that aren't very rare, which is a very well defined group.
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@aulitriel small correction: Dire Penguin spawns are independent from each other and you can have more than one spawning at the same time/day on different places (unlike the Panther as you correctly pointed out).
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Heya! May I suggest to add or rephrase as: "Creatures which we can get charm points, however, not listed in Very Rare Occurrences - https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Bestiary/Occurrences#Very_Rare_Creatures) or Creatures which we can get charm points, however, are not part of raid/event/special spawn conditioning or triggering the spawn.

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