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In the mission "The Cube Maze" (Mysterious Ornate Chest Quest), in room 24 it is necessary to use a water vial in a corner of Venore to proceed to room 25. I would like to know if anyone can use this water for me or do I need it get out of the cube and go to Venore? If possible, it would save 2 hours, which is the cube's cooldown.

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You have to do it yourself, and you have to do it after reaching the Venore room inside the Cube, using the Water before that won't count. So no, you can't skip the 2 hours cooldown, you'll have to wait this period after reaching the cube for the first time to be able to continue to the boss room.
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If you stay in the cube for 2 hours or logout inside the cube, you can leave the cube use the vial of water and go back to the cube again