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In Asura palace there are some bosses, including new ones, such as "The Moonlight Aster" and "The Winter Bloom". 

When we try to enter the doors are sealed.

> What do I need to do to get access to them?

> What is the most interesting drop of these bosses?

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First you must do Lost Brother mission with Tarun, then to deal with those bosses the mechanism is the same that dealing with flaming orchid, each attempt to fight them you must complete a requirement that is explained when trying to open their door:

So to access Winter blossom u must kill 1 frost dragon and 2 Energy elementals.
To access Moonlight Aster u must kill 2 liches and 2-3 destroyers
To access flaming orchid u must kill 2 fire elementals and 2-3 Hydra.

once u fulfill their requirements u can access their door, this must be done each time u want to access them, also each one of those mobs must be killed inside asura palace, they are caged on rooms all through the palace:

The Black, Gray and Blue Circles have: Frost dragons/Liches (is a crack in the floor with mobs in separated rooms), Hydras (in a hole) and Massive Energy Elementals (is a room that must be accessed through a crack in upper floor) respectively.

The Orange Circle have Destroyers (accessed through a crack on upper floor)

The Teal Circle have Massive Fire elementals (accessed through a crack on upper floor)

Winter blossom is inside the Black circle Spot, in a separated room while flaming orchid and Moonlight aster are in separated rooms in the roof of the building.

About their loot, the first time they are killed would drop 100% their respective feather, after that they wouldn't drop it 100% or probably wouldn't drop it anymore, then their average loot is at least bad, from 15 runs my only notorious loot was:
x1 glacier robe
x1 White Gem
x1 Oriental shoes.

it is still unknown if they drop something worth with very low rate but seems like those bosses aren't worth to do in a daily basis beside to unlock bosstiary.

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Very good, just need to mention: What is the most interesting drop of these bosses?
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if i can, i would update it later, but so far i have tried they haven't provide me anything worth the mention.
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they don't drop the items for the quest? =P
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sadly, only the first time, and those can be obtained through other methods, yet what i don't know is if those other method also become disabled once you get it from the boss.

while their regular loot is mostly... bad i would try my luck 10 runs more but so far they haven't given me anything worth longer than 1 run (being oriental shoes my best loot so far).