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> This boss seems to reflect damage, what's the best strategy to attack it? 

> What are the loots of this boss?

> How to gain access to this boss?

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 >This boss seems to reflect damage, what's the best strategy to attack it?
The boss do reflect demage. The best way to attack it would be GFB or Avalanches and SD. GFB deals more damage at The Primal Menance boss itself but Avalanche hits it as well, just a little less, but deals more damage on the mobs that spawn. Since you have to kill it in certain amount of time so they won't become a Fungosaurus the best way is to use one of the area runes when there's any mob, controlling the room, paying attention which mob spawns first (SD on the mob you feel that might be alive longer). Don't forget to step on the Primal Pods, otherwise it will spawn a Fungosaurus as well. And when the room is controlled, without any mob alive you can use SD at the boss since it deals more damage. If a Fungosaurus spawn you should use a Fire Bomb on yourself (since it fears in area) and keep controlling other mob's spawn so you won't have to deal with 2 Fungosaurus (if so I'd advice, depending on the party level of course, leaving the boss room rather than die trying)

> What are the loots of this boss?
The Boss has no loot and do not give you Experience Points but when you do the 12 Hazards of The Primal Ordeal Quest you will get as a reward one of the following items: Spiritthorn Ring, Spiritthorn Armor, Spiritthorn Helmet, Alicorn Hedguard, Alicorn Ring, Alicorn Quiver, Arcanomancer Folio, Arcanomancer Sigil, Arcanomancer Regalia, Arboreal Crown, Arboreal Ring or Arboreal Tome.

> How to gain access to this boss?
First you need to gain access to Magma Bubble: 
Buy a Candy Lure on the NPC Gnomier, and use it on 7 different faries, do the 5 tasks Not Catching Fire!, In the Heat of the Fight, Snakes on a Plain!, Resonating the Stone!, and then kill the Magma Bubble, once you defeated it you gain access to the last boss The Primal Menance.