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I was wonder if anyone had confirmation that it was possible to work on both of these achievements at once. On a PvP server or during war mode on Optional PvP it is possible to place your own Fire Fields to work on the Firewalker achievement. If you place the Fire Field on valid underwater tiles for Deep Sea Diver will you progress on both achievements? I assume it would but I was wondering if anyone had more information on this topic.

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Yes, this is possible. I did it for my character and did roughly 80% of my progress for each this way.

I did it in the sunken quarter of Yalahar, there's a building for the "Shadows of yalahar" quest there. It's 5 spaces wide and you can just walk back and forth on your own fire fields there.

Personally I did it manually but from what I hear a lot of people do it by binding a mouse button to walk and apparently it's possible to hold one walking hotkey on mouse and opposite walking hotkey on keyboard to permanently walk back and forth. You'd still have to refresh the fire fields.
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I think its possible. but I don't recommend.. 

unfortunately today just Cipsoft can answer this question.
its really hard to map this without being in cipsoft today, you should complete both, together to have info if it was counting.. 

I used to ask how much steps I need to do the underwater quest, and they used to answer, but nowadays they don't answer anymore. they say its a secret question

But well 1kk is a lot of steps. and I suggest for you do both separated, because to finish the underwater you can use this strategy
https://youtu.be/HQUvatAMrGg?t=37 and its really easy to do...

and for the firewalk you can use a portal and force walk forward all time
or any place like the one they show here to facilitate your walk..

I finished the underwater with friends, but still need a couple to do the firewalk..
and unfortunately u can't follow and walk in the fire at same time! =(

But for the firewalk the main rule is.. 
The fire must burn you. So if you walk and it burns then its working. if don't. you are missing your time...

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Where can we complete both achievements at once though? For optional PVP too?
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"The fire must burn you. So if you walk and it burns then its working. if don't. you are missing your time..."
This is absolutely wrong. You can use additional Fire Protection besides the Boots so you don't take any damage and you'll still get progress. I did Firewalker from 0 to 1 million steps like that.