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Hello, I just completed the boss Magma Bubble and I wonder how long I am gonna burn? I will also add that I am the only one who got this effect for so long.

We left at:

15:28 The following items dropped by a magma bubble are available in your reward chest: a giant emerald, 7 berserk potions, a crystal coin, 11 ultimate health potions.

At 15:50 my teammates lost it and I got it already for 10 minutes more than them and I keep burning. I am a paladin I block one summon while Elite Knight had boss and summons, So how it is possible the burning lasts way after killing the boss?
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15:50 Lord Koziol loses 8 hitpoints.  <- His last damage he got.
16:11 You lose 9 hitpoints.  <- Mine.

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