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Talking about the loot to be sold on Yasir, which items should I not sell to him?

I ask that because Yasir buys a huge amount of items of all kinds and some of them are very precious items for imbuements or useful material/items for quests/missions/tasks. These items are (most of the time) better off at my stash instead of being sold for a bad price to him.

A well formated list with the useful items that I should avoid selling to him would be much appreciated.

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What not to sell at Yasir/Npcs

100+ Gold

500+ Gold 

1000+ Gold 

5000+ Gold 

10 000+ Gold 

  • Battle Stones 
  • Compasses
  • Cultish Masks 
  • Cultish Robes 
  • Cyclops toes
  •  Damselfly Wings 
  • Demon Dust 
  • Demonic Skeletal Hands
  • Fish Fin
  • Flask of Embalming Fluid 
  • Frosty Hearts 
  • Green Dragon Leather
  • Green Dragon Scales 
  • Heaven Blossoms 
  • Minotaur Leather 
  • Mootah Shells
  • Ogre Nose Rings
  • Orc Teeth 
  • Peacock Feather Fans 
  • Petrefied Screams 
  • Poisonous Slimes 
  • Red Dragon Scale 
  • Rorc Feathers
  •  Slime Hearts 
  • Snake Skins 
  • Swamp Grass 
  • Thick Furs 
  • Wyrm Scales
  • Bat Wing
  • Brimstone Fangs
  • Brown Piece of cloth
  • Crawler Head Platings
  • Elvish Talismans
  • Fiery Hearts
  • Frazzle Skins
  • Goosebump Leather
  • Hellspawn Tails
  • Lions Mane
  • Lizard Scales
  • Mystical Hourglass
  • Piece of Swampling Wood 
  • Pieces of Scarab shell
  • Piles of Grave Earth
  • Strand of Medusa Hair
  • War Crystals
  • Warmasters Wristguards
  • Winter Wolf Fur
  • Wyvern Talismans
  • Acorn  
  • Blazing Bones
  • Brimstone Shell
  • Broken Shamanic Staff 
  • Deepling Warts
  • Demon Horns
  • Demonic Essence
  • Draken Sulphur
  • Elven Scouting Glass
  • Energy Vein
  • Fairy Wings
  • Metal Spike
  • Polar Bear Paws
  • Protective Charms
  • Rope Belts
  • Seacrest Hair
  • Shard
  • Some Grimeleech Wings
  • Tusk
  • Vampire Dust
  • Vampire Teeth
  • Vexclaw Talons
  • Waspoid wings
  • Bonelord Eyes
  • Bloody Pincers 
  • Elven Hoof
  • Eye Patch
  • Flask of Warriors sweat
  • Gloom Wolf Fur 
  • Hook 
  • Little Bowl of Myrrh
  • Moohtant Horns
  • Peg Leg 
  • Sabretooth 
  • Silencer Claws 
  • Piece of Dead Brain
  • Slime Mould 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This table is based on normal market prices , on the table there are the items that are much worth to sell on market instead of Yasir or any Npc that buys valuables. I made a table to separate each item on its value to make it more readable.

HOW TO USE: To check if your valuable item is worth or not to sell at NPC just push "Control + F" and input the name of the valuable and it will be easy to find in the table.

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What a nice work you did here here. Thank you for bringing a detailed table with values!