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Looking at Bosstiary more lately, I noticed that some entries and the number of bosses to kill look like a task for many years. For example, Jaul, Tanjis, and Obujos require as many as 300 kills to complete an entry. 

Have any of you estimated how long it will take to complete these items in the most optimistic scenario (i.e., when the server constantly brings the 3rd stage to activation)?

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i have read from a friend that u can "bug them" to get extra kills, considering that they are "Bane" it's weird that they belong to such category UNLESS they had a mechanism to be killed more than once in a daily basis.

my bet is that what my friends says is to "bug them" is an actual mechanism of the boss itself, otherwise doesn't make any sense that they belong to a 300kills category, and i say this so maybe someone could find the answer out of this faster than me.

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If you plan to complete this bosstiary, you can only enter one boss per Stage 3.
There are three bosses but since you need to open their chest to reenter each lair and you can only open a chest each time, you can effectively enter only once per Stage 3.

The Stage 3 lasts for 5 days, with a 1 day of Stage 2 that makes it 6 days total. That would make it 300*3*6 = 5400 days or close to 15 years as a maximum.

But that is a maximum value. There is a trick to it:
Once entering the lair of one of the bosses, players have 20 minutes to be in there.  The bosses respawn in 5 to 10 minutes time, so if you take a stronger team you can kill them multiple times.

Additionally, the entry to the lair is only denied after gaining experience from the Boss, so players can leave and reenter when at very low HP to gain time.
Effectively, with a good enough team you can kill the bosses at least 3 times in that timeframe. This would bring the 5400 days down to 1800 days, but I believe 4 times is achievable if the spawn rate of the server is good enough.

Rapid Respawn events and increased respawn areas do not affect boss respawn timers.

300 kills is a lot for them, but given this respawn mechanism 60 could be too low compared to others.

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I don't have a source now, but I've read multiple times that the fast respawn event won't affect the respawn rate of bosses. I've tested it myself in the Isle of Evil bosses. However, the world respawn rate, affected by the number of players online, seems to affect the respawn rate of some bosses (like the Black Knight), but I'm not sure.
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You are correct @aulitriel
Checking other questions I found this one: https://www.tibiaqa.com/8977/does-the-rapid-respawn-event-affect-bosses?show=8978#a8978
It seems Rapid Respawn events or area based increased respawn have not worked on bosses for a long time. I do think "players online" affects it, but since I have only played in decently populated servers I can't confirm it.