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First, i know that this question exists: daily bosses with chance to drop rares, but im not looking for the bosses with chances to be profittable, oberon in a regular basis drops absolutely nothing worth, so i want to know which bosses provide the most loot without taking into account super rares. E.G: Timira drop from 40k up to 500k in a single run, all that without taking into account the drop from the chest, HoD bosses drop from 1 to 7 tokens each, etc.

I want to let my friends know which bosses they can do without relying in that RNG super low that sometimes isn't even worth (200 kills from oberon to get falcon longsword which use to cost 4kk is literally a boss that provided 20k per death); so, any boss able to provide meaningful loot constantly is appreciated (in the worst case, bosses that after being killed during 30 days without taking into account bonus will provide something that pay off the time spent).

PS:if possible, sort the average value separated from items that are considerably worthier to be sold to player or simply haven't npc price adding it as an extra/honorable mentions (Gold/Silver token, Valuable Eq, mount items, decorative items, etc), since their price could vary through servers or time.

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