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Ive been struggling with this, cause i already have an hotkey set to attack the nearest creature but it also targets players, and im wondering if there is any way off setting an attack key just for creatures.

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There's no key to attack only creatures because battle windows set-up is enough to suffice the need.

So in order to skip players when attacking you only need to hide players from your battle list with the buttons here: 

That way players won't appear in your battle list, you can also customize it in several ways every button explain what it hides so hover over them to choose what you don't want to see in your battle list.

Now, if for some reason u want to keep watching other players or npc you only need to set a new battle list with them just like I did. Toggle off the players out of the first battle list (and you can minimize the window) then toggle the rest in another battle list and then click "choose as primary" with the one that have only monsters. That way every time you change target it will only choose creatures.

thank you so much!