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With the new update, we have been granted to chance to use the GIFT OF LIFE perk, which will grant us a second chance in case we receive a fatal blow.

After this perk has been triggered, there is a big cooldown of 30h/20h/10h which will only tick down if the character has a battle sign.

Is there a way to know what my cooldown is at any given moment?

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The cooldown of your spell depends of your Stage, you can check it in your Skill Wheel in the corner bottom right corner. It will say: 

Gift of life  Stage 1/2/3. 

Also you can add it to your action bar. All you have to do is select an empty slot in your action bar (Right click) and you will see the next options: 

  • Assing Spell
  • Assing Object
  • Assing Text
  • Assing Passive Ability
  • Assign Text

Click on "Assign Passive Ability" and you will see an emergent window where you can select Gift of Life. 

Now in that slot you will see the cooldown of Gift of Life. :) 

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I would like to add that the cooldown of Gift of Life  is only going down if you have assigned perk for Gift of Life and of crouse battle sign but if you choose other perk for example cooldown on gift of life won't go down