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I was on Feyrist today, going to the weakened frazzlemaw's cave during daytime. I started going from the ruby shrine and when I was nearby the hole, suddenly a white message appeared on my screen:

"Hey! What are YOU doing here?"

Since I was on a hurry, I couldn't check what triggered that message, but I got really curious about it. So I was wondering if anyone here would know what this message was, what triggered it and what to do about it.

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It appears on Feyrist when you walk near some fairies and their houses, not the ones you click for the achievement.

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Oh, thanks! Does this event trigger anything?
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As far as I know, no but by clicking (using) 100 usable Small Plant Houses  and Dancing Fairies you will get the achievement "Fairy Teasing".

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i thought was a way to reference the "hey listen" but without any copyright or so.