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I am looking to frag bane bosses and I know that several of them are in the boss room to kill in Inqui, what approximate level should I be to be able to go there alone and get all the frags needed to unlock them? Consider that I am currently RP 223.

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Helo Amigo, im pretty sure u can do the bosses right now.

Ofcours, u have to understand something easy -  More lvl ,easier, and faster.    I would recomend 350+/400 for make it confortable and not sufering.

Anyway for add more information, bosses like Hellgorak will never been defeated Solo, for kill this boss u need to use 5 convince creature rune (atleast) for make damage on boss, and u need minimum 3 ppl for kill this boss.

I hope i helped u

Greetings, Gleemody
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Oh, right. I'll keep that in mind. Now I'm worried about the road, do you think I can run it without problems?
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All will depend on your playing skills, for sure lvl 220+ well played can run (dont think all seals, but mostly of them without danger) anyway, if are not an experimented player i recomend to go little by little and step by step