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I noticed that 'Utura' and 'Utura gran' have conflict, and one removes the effect of the other. The same is true for 'Haste' and 'Strong Haste'.

My question is if there are other conflicts like these. For example, when I use 'utito tempo' and 'utura gran', both show the same icon in my status bar, so I was wondering if one cancels the effect of the other?

What about party spells? Do they conflict with each other or with 'utito tempo', for example?

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I only remember this little list of spells.

Spell 1 - Spell 2 (Vocations):

Utura - Utura Gran (Knight)

Utani Hur - Utani Gran Hur (Sorcerer and Druid)

Utamo Tempo - Utani Tempo Hur (Knight)

Utani Tempo Hur - Utani Hur (Knight)

Utito Tempo San - Utamo Tempo San (Paladin)

Utamo Tempo San - Utani Hur (Paladin)

Utevo Res Ina "X - Utevo Res Ina "Y (Sorcerer and Druid)

Utevo Res Ina - Utana Vid (Sorcerer and Druid)

Utevo Lux - Utevo Gran Lux (All vocations)

Utori Mas Sio - Utura Mas Sio - Utamo Mas Sio - Utito Mas Sio (Like Beix say)
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Yes, party spells cancell the effect you had adquiered before it f it is the same; for example if the sorcetet uses its party spell (which increases the mlvl of the group) and you had used a food to increase your mlvl for an hour before, it cancels the effect of the food and keeps the time of the spell.

As far as I know utito tempo doesnt cancel thr utura, they are different kind of spells so no problem ar using both.