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Hey people

I've wanted to know which hunts can be chill without much intensity to make some gold.

I have tried Putrid mummies and it was awesome but i just wondered what other good places i can hunt in to get some gold easily for my level.

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Stampors - You can find this spawn in muggy plains and farm the creature products for the mount. Depending on your server it could cost 15-20k

Brimstone Bugs - This is a small spawn but Brimstone Fangs (8k) are a good creature product to farm.


Forbbiden temple - this is "Tzumrah the dazzler" (nemesis boss) spawn so here you will get several charm points AND you will farm Cultish Masks (6-10k)


This is a huge spawn and you can farm "Incantation notes" (15k)

The prices i mentioned here were taken from my server, yellow open pvp.