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What is the best imbuement for EK? Mana leech or Life leech? Assuming I am hunting solo and always with 5+ monsters around me.

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It really depends on the situation.

However, if you are 200+, you probably need more the t3 mana leech, in order to keep your spells rotation without draining your mana completely.

Keeping your spells rotation is crucial for killing monsters faster which increases the exp/h and profit, leeching more hp each round, and can also triger more often critical hits which makes even bigger impact on the two former things.

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I think both have some same useful in your hunt, at least 1 Life Leech is really useful to you and can save your life. So if you use more than 2 imbuements use 1 Life Leech and 1 Mana Leech.
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highly recommend 1 crit, 2 life, 2 mana. all tier 3 if not possible and only have enough for weapon. go for Crit then mana. life is last, but still works wonders instead of using a pot to heal you just hit utito and e gran, exura ico and keep killing as fast as possible.
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