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Hello, I recently came back to the game after a long break and are really out of touch with what gear is good now etc.... Me and my friends got a character each from the baazar and I got a 700ek

My current gear is as following,

Helmet: Terra Hood

Amulet: Foxtail Amulet

Armor: Lion Plate Legs: Fabulous Legs

Boots: Depth calcei

Weapons: Naga Sword, Cobra Sword, Gnome Sword, Falcon Longsword

Shield: Gnome Shield

And all the trinkets.

My current budget is around 120kk and I know all items are different depending on what server you play on but if anyone could recommend me what I should buy next (biggest upgrade etc) I would really appriciate it since I'm not sure what I should buy next if it's worth saving up to Soulshredder that's around 175-185kk on my server or if I should buy out more items like Falcon Plate, Falcon Escutcheon and Falcon greaves etc.

Thanks in advanced!

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If you hunt solo - you need more attack so its better to save money for Soulshredder which will help you on respawns like Sphinx.

If you team hunt - you need more resistance so it's better to buy falcon greaves and plate/shield.