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I know because of BattleEye it is not possible to take "screenshots" without using the client option but, is it possible to record the game with the "instant record" option on NVIDIA?
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Fixing black videos

Options > Misc. > Screenshots > Only Capture Game Window (DISABLED)

Answer by u/TibiaMechanics:

  1. You have to set OBS correctly. The only mode that works with Tibia is the one called "Game Capture", or something similar. The other ones (capture window, capture screen, etc.) simply do not work.

  2. You have to assign video cards correctly for OBS (maybe also for Tibia, but I'm not sure). What worked for me was going into NVidia's control panel and manually overriding the video device to be used by OBS. I set OBS to run using the on-board (Intel) video device (and I presume I left Tibia on auto, which means it was probably running on the dedicated video card).

Answer by u/lucasereno:

With your help I finally managed to solve a problem from almost 2 years. It finally worked. The solution was to run OBS on onboard and Tibia on Nvidia, and on Obs use the game capture option with sli / crossfire on. If the 2 of you still play Tibia, I ask you to send me the name of your character so I can send some Tibia Coins as a thank you. It will not be a nuisance, it will be a pleasure. Thank you very much.

Answer by u/jcek9:

Did you try running both tibia and discord in admin mode? It solved black screen issue for me.

Answer by u/DailyQuestTaker777:

Use obs, stream tibia on obs, open obs on virtual camera mode and use obs as your webcam on discord.

Answer by u/maxemclaren:

This really helped me out. The solution was to run OBS with the Radeon GPU and Tibia with the original settings. Thank you guys for your help. You'll see me streaming tibia these days.:D

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/rookgaard/wiki/index/rookgaardfaq/rookscreenshots/