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Talking about bosses like Burster, Dradful Disruptor, Yackchal, is it possible to kill them twice in the same ss?

Please add more bosses if the exist.

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Also adding in: 

  • Cublarc the Plunderer- 3 spawn during the raid and 1 as a random spawn
  • The Voice of Ruin- 2 spawn points

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Yes, bosses like Burster and Dreadful Disruptor can be killed more than once per day as they are a forced respawn boss. Mahatheb and Hive Outpost bosses are also in the same situation.  I believe Yakchal can be summoned more than once per server save but it is rare that she is in her sarcophagus more than once per day.

Other bosses that could potentially be killed more than once per day could also be bosses with multiple spawn locations such as Tyrn, Dreadmaw, Fleabringer, Battlemaster Zunzu, Flamecaller Zazrak, White Pale, Rotworm Queen, Hirintror and Grorlam.