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As the question states, what does Raw XP mean and what types of things impact it? 

Do the following XP changing events impact Raw XP or standard XP?

  • XP boost (Daily Reward & Store purchase)
  • Stamina
  • Party boost
  • Low Level Bonus
  • Boosted creatures
  • Boosted areas
  • Double XP weeks/event
  • Rapid respawn
  • A Piece of Cake (50% experience for premium players)
  • Bewitched (50% XP boost)
  • Tibia Anniversary (15% Bonus Experience Rate)
  • Demon Lullaby (50% XP boost)
  • Spring into Life (25% XP increase for Dragon Hatchlings)
  • The Colours of Magic (Violet wins: spellcaster creatures give 25% more xp. Orange wins: shared XP in party mode increased by 30%)
  • Orcsoberfest (50% XP boost for creatures in demon class)
  • A Pirate's Death to Me (10% more XP in shared XP in party mode for Undead creatures)
  • The Lightbearer (10% more XP in shared XP in party mode)
  • Rise of Devovorga (50% XP boost)
  • Rapid respawn
  • Things that impact DPS (EQ, preys, charms, mastermind/berserk/bullseye potions, avatars, summons, etc)
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Raw XP means exactly the value displayed in the "Hunt Analyzer" after enabling "Show raw values".

As the last point obviously impacts the value, it makes the definition even more imprecise, meaning "I got this Raw Exp/h value while hunting there normally". That would also exclude any respawn and event bonuses.

As per, which of the XP events could impact the meter, I'm not sure. :)

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