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I had a character many years ago, and as I stopped playing for a long while, my character was then deleted due to inactivity, not rule violation. I also had premium status on that account for some time. Hence, is there any chance to recover that character if the deletion happened due to inactivity?

NOTE: I saw a question about this topic but it was related to punishment and not due to inactivity 

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As there is already a similar thread here on tibiaqa ( https://www.tibiaqa.com/21083/is-it-possible-to-recover-an-account-deleted-for-inactivity), I'll replicate my answer! I hope it helps :)

According to a similar thread on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/TibiaMMO/comments/4tkb84/chances_of_getting_a_deleted_account_back_from/), it is not possible and this was confirmed by tibia's customer support, as follows:

"Thank you for your request.

As your character/account has already been removed from our database, it is no longer possible to reconstruct why it was deleted. There are three options:

  1. The account was deleted due to violating the Tibia Rules too often.

  2. Somebody who had access to your account set one character or all characters on the accounts on deletion. Characters on deletion will be deleted for good after 60 days. Once an account does not contain any characters any longer, it will be deleted as well.

  3. Your account was deleted due to inactivity. Accounts which never contained a payment for premium time or an extra service are deleted if no character of this account has logged into the game or on the account page within a period of n months where n is equal to the level of the highest character on this account. Further, such accounts are deleted regardless of the level of the highest character if they have not been used for 36 months (1080 days).

Further, before January 20, 2011, single characters have been deleted automatically if they have not been used ingame within a period of n months where n was equal to their level. Please note that this rule applied to all characters on free accounts, also if they had been premium a short while ago. Please also note that a character on a free account was deleted regardless of the level if it had not logged into the game for 720 days. If an account contained no characters anymore, it was deleted shortly after.

Please understand that your account or character has been removed from our database for good and cannot be returned to you. We are sorry to have no better news for you, but all you can do is create a new account or character and start over.

Kind regards, Doirin Tibia Customer Support"

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Just to add, if anyone is going through this - Doesn't hurt to maybe still message Cipsoft and try, but expect this to be the response you get.
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It depends on the depent deleted account or only frozen. Of course, even for banned you will be able to recover your account. It depends on how long the time has passed, but it is always worth trying if you remember email or recover key or other details that would help you recover your account. There is no 100% guarantee but it is always worth to hope and try. Good luck!
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In my opinion, you can no longer recover your account if it has been removed after such a long period of inactivity.

Write an e-mail to the cipsoft asking you to be 100% sure.