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i got this discussion with some friends about how much level and skills influence in the character damage , what you guys think? is better a higher level with low skills? a lower lvl with higher skills or a balanced character

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Level is always more important as it gives you not only damage but also the ability to tank more damage, more speed, cap, access to better eq etc.

At a higher level, it's also pretty easy to make a lot of money (hunts and bosses) and you can invest some of that into training weapons.

It feels nicer if you have high skills and go exp but in order to get them, you have to sacrifice time/money that you could spend on hunting and be better off in the end.
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I don't know exatcly how the damage is calculated, but let's imagine the following scenario:

 A Paladin lvl 500 with 125 of distance, the time he takes to up +1 of distance he can get 30-40 levels? I'm considering he using training weapons or XP boost. Here in my opinion up lvl is better than  up skills, however, I think for a character with lvl 800+ up distance would be better.

This is just a consideraton, I don't have practical content to prove if I'm right or not.
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I remember when in old Tibia it was always said "have a higher mlvl/skill than lvl" but today is unreal :D

In my opinion mlvl is more important on PVP servers because allows to achieve better damage when you need kill someone. Of course, it is important at a lower level, because it is known that it is easier 8lvl with a skill, e.g. 40-50mlvl level put on training in start, but at a higher level between e.g. 90-100, it doesn't make much difference.
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For me level is always more important than skills.

The reason is: With levels you'll get more life and access to new equipments enabling you to hunt stronger places with more profit. Also you'll lower your chance of dying and losing skills / level. Furthermore, you will train your skills while hunting.

With levels you'll be able to join teams to bosses and hunts. People usually don't ask your skills, level is more important. When gold is not a issue anymore you can spend it training your skills.

Damage is useless if you survivability is low.
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I believe that the level is also important because for example a level 30 I have with the same magic level that a 300 will not be able to hit the same...

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I have an EK 100, with skill sword 113...

I can't hit more than my friend, EK 420, skill sword 108... And she can't hit more than an EK 470, skill sword 108...
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By what I know, for mages: 10levels = 1magic level, so calculate your efforts on what is easier to get.

If I remember correctly, 20 levels = 1 melee skill for knights.