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Hello everyone!

So, I have been wondering what is the difference between these two items:

Exercise Wand  and Exercise Rod 

I have been researching and it seems that there is no difference in regards to the results on skill upgrade. Please, could you clarify?

If there is no difference, why are there two objects to accomplish the same thing? Is it purely cosmetic?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Mainly, Rod is for Druid  and Wand is for Sorcerer  and this was only added for the visual appearance... but there is no difference you buy when making mlvl. However, if you care about the appearance of screenshoot, then my tip is this: Rod gives ice damage (blue effect when you hit dummy), and wand from fire (orange effect). I prefer buy rods now, because I like this ice effect when skill is up more than fire.

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Thank you for the tips, the information about the orange vs blue effect was very interesting, thanks for sharing! By the way, nice decoration!
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aww thanks!  on the second screen is my room in my family's guildhouse. Balcony and room made by me <3
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Well, it looks awesome! You've got a very nice taste. :-)

Btw, I came back to this thread to see which one was the one with the blue effect, as I have to choose my reward now. Thanks again for the tip!
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Hehe there is no difference in regards to the results on skill upgrade. Same you can skill with  or mlvl in knights and paladins laugh

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There is no diference between them, doesn't matter which one, Rod or Wand, u use, the % of skill that u will receive will be the same.