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For many years I realized that you can travel to almost all cities from Venore , including the new ones that they implement on updates , why is this?

Is because of its location? I saw that he is close to the "sea" and maybe thats the reason.

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In the swamps at the eastern coast of the continent lies the city of Venore. It is ruled by the money and the power of the local merchant houses. By monopolizing the trade with dwarfish and elfish goods as well as importing Edron wood and Darashian wasp-honey, the merchants of Venore used their fleets of trading ships to raise the wealth and influence of their town. The local shipyard and the harvest of the spice-weedgrass found in the nearby swamps made the city important to the kingdom. As a consequence, the merchant houses could claim a lot of privileges from the Thaian kings, such as the exclusive right to run gambling and betting businesses.

(Link to website: https://www.tibia.com/library/?subtopic=maps&region=venore)

In my opinion you can travel from Venore to almost all cities because is a merchant city. Venore have great location and access to the sea has enabled the development of trade.

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Nice answer , good research
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It might also have something to do with the captain, Captain Fearless. Some routes that other captains may find too risky or dangerous, for example the route to Darashia because of the ghost ship, Captain Fearless have no problems with.