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December is approaching and without pushing control in the waiting room of the Pecht Queen it is very likely that I will be doing this boss alone. Will it be possible to do it successfully? How should I proceed to succeed?

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The perfect way to do it alone is creating a summon when you are inside, for example create frost giant and use firebomb to trap it so the frost trolls will stay with him and he wont move , with this way you are free to do the steps to put the wood and fire elemental to the queen without problem.
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This work only on non-pvp worlds where your bombs  dont hit yours summons.
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actualy, there is no need to hit your summons with the bombs, I mean is about technique to use it on the right sqm, aswell you can use fire walls or fire field runes if you are not very skilled
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Doing it yourself is quite problematic, even more so if you are a knight or paladin. The best strategy is to do it with a mage or druid and summon 2 rats that you lock in a cage with fire walls, Annoying trolls target rats and you light a fire and move fire elemental to the queen. In my opinion it's best to do this boss in 2 people, ek + ms / ed, knight have exeta so it can easily move fire elemental and magical profession does what I described above.

Solo knight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-eRtBpRKf0

Solo mage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji6kIN42KVE