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As we know, critical hit for melee/dist are calculated from almos highest possible regular damage. For example critical hit for Paladin level 100 cant deal 6, 15 or 20 damage etc. It's almost highest popssible damage x critical bonus rate. that means, if Paladin has 50% crit imbuement and 10% chance for trigger, it's actually more bonus damage than only 5%.

Does that work the same for aoe runes?

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As far as I know and have seen ingame, yes. It works the same.

What you said is true, hitting a critical, not only raises the damage by 50% on that hit, but it also guarantee that the hit is a "decent" one.

Theres a debate on how "decent" the hit can be, tho.

For an example, with my hunting set I have a average attack damage of 567, which means that it can go from 0 to 1,134.

I feel like whenever I hit a critical damage, my base damage would be at a minimum of like 50%-60% of my total damage, so I'd never hit below 567, for an example. But that is just MY perception, I'm not sure what the real % is, but I'm 100% sure that there is a minimum.

So yes, critical hit increases more than 5% damage in the hunt :)

I'm sure with runes is the same, but maybe a different minimum % hit on the critical