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When NPC Towncryer Towncryer in Thais shout this message:

Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Mammoths silently watch as the snow melts away. It reveals special flowers which are not meant to stay. Grow their seeds to brighten up your day!

And when in the World Board The World Board in the Adventurer's Guild has this message:

Judging by the unnerved mammoths in Svargrond, enough snow has melted away to reveal some very special flora.

Is because Thawing Mini World Change is active, and Ice Flowers Ice Flower can be found in Svargrond.

So how many of these flowers can be found and are the exact spots of thiem. How long do I have to wait to try to pick them again once they are on this state:Harvested Ice Flower

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The time for regeneration of Ice Flowers Harvested Ice Flower ---->  Ice Flower  is randomly. I waited maximum 8 hours and minimum 1 hour (I recommend to check them every 4 hours). After successfully harvesting it 10 times you will receive the achievement Ice Harvester. Here you can see minimap with spawn place of these flowers:


Source: https://tibio-maniak.blogspot.com/p/thawing-mini-world-change.html

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perfet info! thanks