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An EK spell rotation consist in 3 spells. Exori gran, Exori and another one. I've seen people using exori mas and exori min but when one is better than the other?

Let's consider cases where I hunt places where i sometimes pull only 6 monsters, or where there are a good variety of monsters with different life pool. Also is there any difference in the mana and life leach using them?
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I'll follow your question, this is a good one.

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I did some calculations using with the help of tibia-stats spell damage calculator.

I emulated the damage of 3 different levels and skills.

  1. Level 200 Skill 95
  2. Level 400 Skill 105
  3. Level 600 Skill 120

Considering the max damage of each spells (3 targets for the exori min and 8 targets for the exori mas) i got the respective numbers

InputSpellDmg MinDmg MaxCombo MinCombo Max
1Exori min2614657831395
2Exori min3215459631635
3Exori min39164511731935
1Exori mas13918911121512
2Exori mas18924415121952
3Exori mas24430619522448

Considering a level 3 mana leach (steals 8%) and a level 3 life leach (steals 25%) with the formula Steal Number = Leach% first hit + 10% of leach% of other hits we have:

InputSpellMana L. MinMana L. MaxLife L. MinLife L. Max
1Exori min25,05644,6478,3139,5
2Exori min30,81652,3296,3163,5
3Exori min37,53661,92117,3193,5
1Exori max18,90425,70459,07580,325
2Exori max25,70433,18480,325103,7
3Exori max33,18441,616103,7130,05

We can conclude that exori min sum of damage in the combo is inferior but it steals more mana / life. However it is important to notice that the individual damage of the exori mas is about 40% weaker than exori min. If you're hunting in a place that monster have very different life numbers it's better to focus exori min on the tankier monsters so you'll kill the box at once

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I think mana and life leech are worst on exori mas, same logic as gfb/avalanche... while the exori min might work similar to exori/exori gran

U should try to lure the monster in a way to make a line of tree to use exori min + exori + exori gran, I didn't used much the exori mas, only when I had a lot of monsters on the screen, specialy low life ones (like a lot of sandscrawlers)