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When using the market to trade, the fees are deducted at the time you place the offer. Are the fees reimbursed if I cancel the offer?

For example, I put on sale 950TC @ 25121gp.

The market applies a fee of 100k, which is deduced at the time I place the offer.

If someone sets a cheaper offer on TC, and I want to cancel my offer and put a new offer at a lower price, are the 100k that were initially deducted reimbursed to me?

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Not, the fee are not reimbursed . When creating an offer at the market you will have to pay the fee, it doesn't depend on whether you sold  or bought your item.

Every time that you create an offer you must pay the fee, selling, buying or cancelling it.
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No every time you create a new sell or buy offer in market you pay the market fee if you cancel it you lose the money you spent in the fee and receive the item/coins back in a sell offer...

In buy offers you only receive the money back that was for the buying item...