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The Lightbearer is near and what I need to do to get the Blazebringer Mount? This mount looks amazing!

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You need to participate in the Lightbearer event by using the torch at all the basins. If your server is successful you'll gain a document as one of the rewards. To get the reward you need to go to kazordoon.

Them at the Christmas event (between 12 and 30 dec) you need to speak with Santa Claus and he'll reward you when you say the world "present" to him. Note that you don't need to own the document with you and you must get the document as a reward (buying it won't allow you to tame the Blazebringer).


Lightbearer portuguese or Lightbearer english

BlazeBringer Portuguese or BlazeBringer English

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This answer is wrong, you need to fire all basins not only one to gain documents and receive mount from santa.
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You're right. I'll correct my answer.
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The mount can be only obtained by an event, its part of the reward.

You have to light up all the basins and then you are going to get the mount in december when Santa NPC shows up.