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Hello everyone!!

Saw a question here asking about the first world quest and got curious what about the world changes what were the first one implemented in game?

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There were 12 world changes inroduced in the same  summer update - Tibia 9.1 

It went live on July 6. 2011.

Names of world changes:

1. Awash World Change

2. Demon Wars World Change

3. Horse Station World Change

4. Insectoid Invasion World Change

5. Overhunting World Change

6. Steamship World Change

7. Swamp Fever World Change

8. The Mage's Tower World Change

9. The Mummy's Curse World Change

10 Their Master's Voice World Change

11. Thornfire World Change

12 Twisted Waters World Change 

Source TibiaWiki: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Updates/9.1