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I saw inside one of the new houses in Thais the item called: Icy Mammoth Tusk.

My questions are:

How can I obtain Icy Mammoth Tusk?

Can I put Icy Mammoth Tusk in my backpack or there is other way to transport it to Thais? (Icy Mammoth Tusk doesn't look like item from Thais).

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  • You can obtain them during Chakoya Iceberg mini word change in Port Hope.
  • On the second flor you can find a mamooth tooth on the wall. Use "browse field" to pick them. 



  • To transport them to mainland form Port hope you need Explorer society quest to the mission "Astral portals".
  • After that mission you will be able to use teleport system in Explorer society headquaters in PH.
  • Put the tooth on the tile, and by using "Orichalcum Pearl" teleport yourself with tooth to Explorer society headquaters in Greenshore

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There are how many of them?
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2 spiky parts and 2 thicker parts (1 tooth is 2 part) so they are 2 complete tooths
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wow i didnt know that too!