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I usually use the spoil from other sites for make it, but all the times i miss least two or three times. I want to know if have one right squence of words or/and npcs for make it?

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There is no one right sequence of words (I accomplished this mission on over 10 characters and only 2 or 3 times i dont have to buy more items.), but some words might works better then others in this mission. 

Doing this mission i always using this template, and most of the time i dont need to buy many additional items. 

Support of the Edron Academy

First try words:  plea, bluff, flatter 

Works best:  flatter

Support of the Explorer Society

First try words: bluff, plea

Works best: bluff

Support of the Inventor Telas

First try words: reason, flatter

Works best: reason

Support of the Thaian King

First try words:  all

Works best: flatter

Support of the wormtamer

First try words: flatter, threaten

Works best:  50% chance

Support of the Venorean traders

First try words: all 

Works best:  impress