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For the Killing in the Name of/Grizzly Adams task my question would be in there a limit to the amount of boss points you can have at a time? There will be times where I have 2-3 boss points and I use them right away. I don't know if there's a limit where Grizzly Adams doesn't give you anymore points. I've looked all over other fansites and couldn't find the answer to my question so please enlighten me!

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I cannot assure you that there is a limit, but I've reached over 90 points once and it was still going up.

Back when we had double loot event it was a nice profit strategy, to keep as many points as possible and then kill the bosses with double loot.

After the removal of the event I stopped keeping the points, so all I can say by now is that IF there is a limit, it is higher than 90.
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Makes sense you cannot promise anything because you didn't reach said limit if there was one. Wow that's crazy 90 boss points..O.O Thanks for your response maybe there's no limit