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I for example know of Aruda who takes gold from you. But what are the other NPCs that will take items from you if you don't pay attention?

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The one that comes to my mind is BUDDEL.

If you are not paying attention, he will take a dwarven ring from you in every trip. Since he is drunk, if you pay a dwarven ring he will take you to the right location in first try. If you chose to not give him a dwarven ring, then you may end up in a random island.

During the First Dragon event, many people will travel to Okolnir in order to kill Gelidrazah the Frozen, if you are not paying attention, you'll lose MANY dwarven rings, as it happened to me once xD

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LOL Mr.  Buddel, ah yes this happened to me once when I would keep dwarven rings in my backpack. Now their like 3k each on my server so you need to be super careful with this guy. Thanks for adding your answer to my question.
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Damn.. I was writing the same answer before refresing the Page!
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You're fine we appreciate your response in agreeing Buddel had scammed yet another soul XD
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Buddel in svargrond can take one of your dwarven rings if you are not careful about them when asking him for a passage