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If it's known, my question is what monster (not boss- I mean a regular hunting location) currently deals the most damage or hits the hardest?  And if it's possible, can you tell me the amount of damage it deals and what spell or effect it does to hurt you that hard?xD

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I don't know monsters very well because I am not fan of hunting but..my teammates always scream KILL FIRST INK BLOB Ink Blob (on the way to library bosses). I suppose Ink Blob Ink Blob is really strong monster. 

There are two Biting Books Biting Book located in Issavi. I died by two of them on my 600 MS.


Melee (0-1055+), Spit (0-1210+ physical damage), Bat wave (0-1210+ physical damage), Dust cloud (no effect on players)

In my opinion Freakish Lost Soul Freakish Lost Soul can hit us hard as well (maybe not alone but they are always in group).

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I'm the same way, I don't like team hunts so I always hunt the same thing. Thanks for your response.
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In addition to his answer: Ink blobs have a spell that looks exactly like a "exura gran mas res" that deal up to 3,000 Earth Damage.
And they cast it almost every turn, thats why there such deadly creatures :)
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O.O oh my..do you think these are the hardest creatures in tibia right now asides from bosses?