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As title says, do I lose stamina if a creature I dealt damage is killed while I'm offline?

If I'm sitting in DP and someone kils a creature I attacked, I will gain experience, therefore lose 2 minutes of stamina. But what if I'm offline? :O
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no you are offline alreadu

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I went to Minotaurs and fisted a Minotaur Guard. Went to my house and made sure I got a fresh point of Stamina. Logged off with 38:47 stamina. Had a character on standby to then kill said Minotaur Guard. Came back online within a minute because I rushed to the depot. My stamina was still 38:47 and I didn't gain any experience.

No, you don't lose stamina if your offline even when someone kills a creature that you partly attacked. You don't get any experience from being offline.