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For Killing in the Name of you can decide if you want to do the Necromancer task where Lugri sends you to kill 1,000 Necromancers and Priestess. I've already killed this boss once and I'm now able to do the task again to kill 1,000 more Necromancers and Priestess. My question is will he allow me to kill the boss again for a second time or are you only allowed to kill him once per player?

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You are allowed to kill Necropharaus only once per character via task. If you do the task again you'll only gain exeperience. Also, if you die or get out of the boss room accidentally, your chance is over and you can't go anymore.

Sure, you always can find him in game if you're lucky.
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Well, it depends ... :D

You can fight with Necropharus related with task only once. I mean that you get the access to his room only once, because no matter how this fight end, you won't be able to enter the teleport again.

But there are three spawns on Necropharus that may spawn randomly:

  • Edron (Hero Cave - room with Grim Reapers)
  • Drefia (Medusa Shield Quest room)
  • Lich Hell (the same place where you can find 2nd wave of Undead Cavebears)

These three different places makes you allow to kill Necropharus as many times as you your luck will let you! :)