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What do we know about the Basilisk? My question to the community would be is there any proof anyone has reached him?

Basilisk" It is said that it is impossible to reach the Basilisk directly as there is no way into his room, however some players claim to have successfully entered his cave. Rumours say that this NPC will create a different (of 5) magic effect on itself when you say a single(?) letter (not q, x or z). Its radius from spawn position is 2." https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Basilisk

Please share your stories as this mystery haunts me to this very day lol

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So far Basilisk is unreachable.

NPC Shortsighted Dwarf claims that Basilisk is a "Secret weapon" to be used against imperialist. 

Source: https://tibiasecrets.com/forums/topic/shortsighted-dwarf/

Basilisk is also mentioned in the following books:

Miners Encounter the Basilisk 

Miner's Entry

What it was I cannot say! But its horrible! Horrible! We heard rumors of such things before but we just ignored them ...Im the only survivor ..that...THING...they couldn't move...they were helpless...oh why ...what....what is that..something is coming...my feet....stone...

Miners Journal

We've dug that deep, that even we dwarves can hardly see. Fruzek told us stories of a monster making odd sounds from below the earth.These frightening tales of the basilisk have halted our mining schedule, forcing us to double the guards protecting the miners.

A Tired Miner

Interesting Facts about Kazardoon

Once upon a time there came a horrible snakelike beeing to the deeper mines. It killed many miners, because that 'snake' was a bassilsk horrible beeing with a gaze that could turn living beeings into stone. Many heroes tried to kill it but none suceeded, some fled, most died. One day a wise man which name is forgotten. (I did many studies but i looks like for some reason none wrote down his name) He had some knowledge about theese horrible creatures. He advised the miners to cover the minewalls with torches and lamps. Scared by the dispised bright light the basilisk retreated deeper and deeper into the mines until the mines managed to create a cave in behind him. If the miners I talked to did not make fun of me we have to assume that the basilisk is still there...

Sir Necaran - Person interested in Basilisk and similar creatures.

Sir Necaran was a scientist first and a knight only second. He has always been fascinated by animals like snakes, spiders and even the fabled basilisks. So over the course of his studies he became a master of poisons. (...)

Special Thanks to TibiaSecrets for amazing fresh content and Librarian tool!

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No the npc Basilisk was never reached in game, all information we have about him is from leaked files of Cipsoft in 2006 (and still nobody knows if the files are complete or true)

All the photos and videos about the NPC basilisc are fake or from some OT server (at least until now).
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Wow leaked files you say... yea I think there's something we're missing here we all need to dig deep for answers. Thanks for your input.
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Yeah there was some leaked files from idk 2006~2007 and there is a lot of things in it, the basilisk actions come from that files...