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I am very lazy in the morning when I'm getting ready for work I want to make sure I don't have to walk too much. I have a lot of characters so offline training them and using the reward shrine can be a hassle most mornings. What I want to know is what town has offline training statues that are the closest to the reward shrine? That way my mornings and daily routine can be the easiest! (I know you can buy the shrine in the store for your house but this is something I don't want to do, thanks)

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First tip if you logout in the adventurer's guild then you will be close to almost every shrine. In mostly every city temple like Thais, Port Hope, Issavi, Svargrond or Liberty Bay you have a reward shrine. Shrine is also in adventurer's guild on +1.

Otherwise you can go to places like:

Venore - offline training is under depo and shrine is in depo. You just have to go up few floors.

Yalahar - offline training is above depo and shrine is on lower level in depo

Ab'dendriel - offline training is north of depo and on the same leve in depo you have a shrine.

Oramond - offline training is also very close to depo where is shrine

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Beside Adventurer guild I would choose Ab'dendriel cuz If you have many characters on your account, you don't have any ladders or stairs there, so use one click on the map to receive the daily reward.  :D
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Yep, now I have a house but before i always used ab or adventurer's guild. There is also dummy close so when you get training items then it's useful.
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Thanks actually never used the Adventurer's Guild for this before. Thanks for the tips guys:)