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How would you take advantage of double loot event? Would going to bosses work? Would you hunt just the regular spawns?

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Some respawns gives already too much loot, like:

  • Asuras
  • Walls
  • Ferumbras seals
  • Roshamuul
  • Nightmare Island
  • Diremaws (at the time of the event, this respawn was just BROKEN)

With double loot that became even worse... (a friend of mine profited 27kk in one night hunting at Warzone 5 area, during double loot)

Other than that, you could farm "Killing in the name of..." bosses and profit insanely, like:

  • The Many
  • The Noxious Spawn
  • Ethershreck

Other respawnable bosses would still yield double loot (bosses without the "bag"), like:

  • Inquisition boss
  • POI bosses
  • Pharaohs
  • Horestis

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There are many ways you can take advantage of a double loot and it all depends on your goal.

  • You can do your normal hunts for exp making extra profit during the event. It's better to go and hunt in places where you usually spend a lot on supplies. If you normally profit 300k/h in a place but waste 200k/h supplies you will profit 800k/h during a double loot event in average.
  • You can try to loot rares and focus on expensive itens. Many people used to hunt dworcs to try to loot voodoo dolls. Other itens that were common try seek were Tin Key  from War Golems and Reins from Magicians 
  • You could save task bosses and kill them during the event. If a boss has a 100% chance of dropping one item it'll drop two of them during the event. It was very common to finish the Mino task, pirate task and demodras so you would drop 2x Nose ring , The Lethal Lissy's Shirt ,Ron the Ripper's Sabre , Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat , Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch and Dragon Claw 
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Double loot you could take two ways in my opinion;

  1. Find a hunt that drops a lot of loot and make good profit (Example Ghastly Dragons you could make 2kk profit/hour)
  2. Hunt monsters that drops rare items needed for outfits/addons 

When we used to have this kind of event in the past I use to save my bosses points from Killing in the Name of quest and spent all of them killing the boss Ethersek, that was the way I got my first golden can of oil.